Definitions for common words and phrases in conversations around social justice. But don't just take our word for it, check out what the community is saying.

Direct Action

Urge Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner to Exonerate India Spellman
Secure Brittney Griner's Swift and Safe Return to the U.S.
Arrest the cops that murdered Amir Locke
Julius Jones is innocent. Don't let him be executed by the state of Oklahoma.
Free Horace Peterson! Michigan man serves life in prison for murder he didn't commit
We demand an Investigation into the Murder of Kerry Baxter Junior
Justice For Gregory Wheatley!!! Wrongfully Convicted

Police Brutality and Misconduct

National Action Against Police Brutality!
End Qualified Immunity!
Demand Congress Ends Qualified Immunity!
Demand Congress End Qualified Immunity
Repeal 50-A
Demand the DOJ Investigate Police Killings and harassment of African Americans
Fight for police accountability and transparency in all 50 states
Demand Uniformed Police Reform

Voting Rights

Congress: Protect Our Voting Rights
Sign the Petition to Tell Congress to Support an Affirmative and Explicit #RightToVote
We need your help to restore and improve voters' rights in Arizona (AZ)
Restore the voting rights of all citizens directly impacted by incarceration
Honor John Lewis & Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act now!
Sign the petition: Urge Congress to pass the Voting Rights Advancement Act
Tell Congress It’s Time to Automatically Register Every American to Vote

Housing and Gentrification

Housing is a human right. Sign the petition: Demand Congress pass a Homes Guarantee for ALL.
Sign the petition to demand housing justice in Los Angeles! (CA)
Protect the People's Kitchen Community Gardens
Preserve Historically Black-Owned Land in Conway, South Carolina


POTUS: Cancel Federal Student Loans, and Return Bankruptcy Rights to All Student Loans.
Create an Office of School Integration and Equity to ensure real integration in NYC schools (NY)
Cancel Student Debt: $50k For Every Borrower
Action Alert: Cancel Student Debt
Opportunity to promote DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Initiatives for High Schoolers
A Call to Action for Social Justice at the NYU Silver School of Social Work

Environmental Justice

Demand Safe Water!
Petition to Stop Dumping of Sludge for Dewatering in Harrison NJ
Rescind Endorsements of the Virginia Reliability Project
NO $3 million handout to billionaires who cut down 108 acres of trees on Philly parkland!
Move Nuclear Waste off Beach to Higher Ground: Oppose Sending to Low-Income Communities