During the summer of 2020 as I watched Black Lives Matter protests erupt all over the nation, I was itching to get involved but didn’t know how I could do anything impactful from my living room. I was always told that coding is a tool to be used as the ultimate problem solver, so I whipped out my computer and thought I’d give it a try. I ended up building this website PB-Resources, which stands for Police Brutality Resources, in honor of George Floyd and all the Black folks disproportionately affected by police brutality and white supremacy.

At its core, PB Resources is a hub for social justice tools with a mission to fight for the Black community at the forefront while also acknowledging that co-conspiring with other disenfranchised communities (POC, LGBTQ+, Immigrants, Women, etc.), with and without overlap, will help achieve our joint liberation. The PBR community hopes to support individuals, brands and organizations to incorporate social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion into their everyday missions with bite-sized knowledge, easily navigable action items and shareable conent on progressive values.

Alexis Williams
Founder and Developer